A Dutch Dog or Two

wall tile v and a
Above is a photo from the V&A collections (http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O161708/wall-tile-unknown)

This “tin-glazed earthenware” tile was made in the Netherlands, probably between 1620 – 1640. It seems to depict a dog, a spaniel(?), running or jumping inside a yellow painted diamond shape, or lozenge.

Although the creator of this tile will undoubtedly remain unknown, Dutch tiles were very common in middle class and upper class kitchens, to show wealth.

Woman_nursing_a_child,_by_Pieter_de_Hooch (2).jpg
Detail of Pieter de Hooch’s 1658 painting, Woman Nursing and shows Dutch tiles around the fireplace.

Typical designs for the tiles would be native and exotic animals (including birds, dodgy looking elephants, dogs, or foxes), Dutch scenery (such as windmills) and everyday scenes (milking cows, a swineherd, etc).

Another example of a Dutch tile showing a greyhound in a lozenge from the 1600s (http://www.delfttiles.com/en/catalogue/p/258/)


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