We all need more images of dogs wearing capes in our lives

Print of  ‘a little dog dressed in a pointed cap and a frilled cloak, standing to the right’ by George Cruikshank (1792 – 1878). (Museum no. 1978,U.3381).   The artist’s signature can be seen in the bottom right hand corner of this print which was produced in the mid 1850s, and it certainly leaves many questions … More We all need more images of dogs wearing capes in our lives

Beatrice’s Best Buddy

  “Eleanor Beatrice Townsend (1870–1884) was the sixth of seven children born to John Joseph Townsend, a New York attorney and politician, and his wife, Catherine Rebecca Bronson Townsend, a friend of John Singer Sargent’s and the subject of her own portrait by the artist. Portraits of children are among Sargent’s earliest works and remain … More Beatrice’s Best Buddy

Detailed dogs

Izumiya Tomotada, (1811-1883) was a fairly prolific Japanese ‘netsuke’ carver during the 18th century. “ A netsuke is a small sculptural object which has gradually developed in Japan over a period of more than three hundred years. Netsuke (singular and plural) initially served both functional and aesthetic purposes. The traditional form of Japanese dress, the … More Detailed dogs

Dogs on dogs

Marc Biboud, (1923-2016), Two Dog Acrobats, (1953). Here the late French photographer captures a fleeting shot of Parisian circus life as two dogs are (probably) forced to walk the tightrope to the amusment and awe of the crowd below. A cup for donations stands in the foreground on an ominous looking straw laden crate – … More Dogs on dogs

Drawing Dogs

Ford Maddox Brown, (1821-1893) was an English painter of the Pre-Raphaelite school. Above is an undated Study of a Greyhound, graphite on off-white paper.