Beggar’s Belief!

Jacques Callot (1592 – 1635) was a French print maker working mainly in France and Italy. His etching (above)of a bedraggled beggar and his dog capture the mood and poverty of 17th century central Europe. We can see that he is a beggar because of the alms cup he appears to be holding. The dog would … More Beggar’s Belief!

Detailed dogs

Izumiya Tomotada, (1811-1883) was a fairly prolific Japanese ‘netsuke’ carver during the 18th century. “ A netsuke is a small sculptural object which has gradually developed in Japan over a period of more than three hundred years. Netsuke (singular and plural) initially served both functional and aesthetic purposes. The traditional form of Japanese dress, the … More Detailed dogs

Romanus Caninus dogus

These photographs of mosaics depicting chained dogs come from the southern Italian town of Pompeii, which was infamously captured in time by the eruption of Mount Versuvius in 79 CE. The majority of historians believe these mosaics would have worked in much the same way that “Beware of the dog” signs work now-a-days – to deter … More Romanus Caninus dogus

Dogs on dogs

Marc Biboud, (1923-2016), Two Dog Acrobats, (1953). Here the late French photographer captures a fleeting shot of Parisian circus life as two dogs are (probably) forced to walk the tightrope to the amusment and awe of the crowd below. A cup for donations stands in the foreground on an ominous looking straw laden crate – … More Dogs on dogs

An emperor’s dogs

Zhu Zhanji (1399 – 1435), also known as Emperor Xuande of China during the Ming dynasty, painted Two Saluki Hounds around 1427. His other paintings include Gibbons at Play (1427) and Fish and Water Weeds (undated) but who cares if no dogs are in it?!

Cassatt’s dogs

Mary Cassatt (1844 – 1926) was an American painter who focused primarily on the domestic lives of women and children in the Victorian and Edwardian private sphere. (Above: A Visitor in a Hat and Coat holding a Maltese Dog, 1879) (Above: Woman on a Stripped Sofa with a Dog, 1876) It could be suggested that these … More Cassatt’s dogs

The “Distinguished Member”

Edward Henry Landseer RA (1802 – 1873) was an English painter of domestic animals, wildlife and portraitist to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. He was particularly remembered for his depictions of dogs, often giving them human qualities such as compassion, sympathy and morals – creating the “Victorian conception of…noble animals devoted to mankind…indicated in Saved (1856) … More The “Distinguished Member”